BottleFresh effervescent cleaning tablets for reusable water bottles. Package of 10

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• Delivers powerful sparkling clean action that you’ll notice
• Convenient pre-measured tablets are a breeze to use
• Fast-acting effervescent bubbling action starts to work immediately
• Leaves behind a fresh, light and clean mint scent
• Use once a week or more/less frequently as required, based on usage*
• “Safe to touch” individually wrapped tablets use no harmful chemicals
• Won’t create any dangerous by-products – all active ingredients revert safely and cleanly back to oxygen
• Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable


Each BottleFresh™ tablet uses an effervescent bubbling action formula, which penetrates deep to dissolve the residue, dirt and grime that builds up in your reusable water bottles. the result is a powerful clean you can see.


Cleaning products can smell like a medicine cabinet, or worse, like walking down the produce aisle in your grocery store. fortunately, BottlefreshTM tablets leave behind a powerful but light mint scent that just smells the way fresh, sparkling clean should.


Stop wasting time and money trying to clean your reusable water bottles – and still not getting rid of all the residue, dirt and grime. drop a single BottlefreshTM tablet in your reusable water bottle each week,* allow it soak for just 30 minutes, and let the effervescent bubbling action formula do all the cleaning work for you!

* use more or less frequently as desired and based on usage.