CoffeeFresh Filters (Keurig & Krups)

CoffeeFresh Filters (Keurig & Krups)


CoffeeFresh Filters. Designed to fit Keurig and Krups coffee systems, Package of 4 filters

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• Keeps your Keurig or Krups Coffee System sparkling clean and your coffee tasting fresh and delicious
• Designed to fit most popular Keurig or Krups Coffee Systems*  
• Super easy to use – installs easy and with no mess
• Charcoal filters remove chlorine and other impurities found in water
• Each package comes with 2 “ready to use” filters
• Use every 2 months or 60 tank refills
• Use as required to keep your Keurig or Krups Coffee Systems functioning optimally  

* use more or less frequently as desired and based on usage.


Each CoffeeFresh™ Filter pack comes with 2 easy-to-install charcoal filters that are designed specially for your Keurig or Krups Coffee System. Simply soak for 5 minutes, rinse for 60 seconds, and install for a snug, perfect fit. It’s so easy and quick!


The joy of coffee may be “all about the beans,” but did you know that coffee is 98% water? That means if the water flowing through your Keurig or Krups Coffee System isn’t fresh and free from impurities, you’re not going to enjoy the perfect-tasting cup of coffee you want. And on top of that, your Keurig or Krups Coffee Systems’ performance will be diminished – which can potentially lead to expensive repairs or replacements down the road. CoffeeFresh Filters efficiently remove chlorine, calcium and other impurities that naturally occur in tap water, and leave behind only fresh, clean and great-tasting water for a perfect, odor-free cup of coffee -- every time!