WasherFresh 3 Power Pac's

WasherFresh 3 Power Pac's


WasherFresh 3 Power Pac

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• Designed for your high-efficiency washing machine
• Eliminates odor-causing mold and mildew
• Safe to touch – no unwrapping required, just drop it in and you’re done
• Keeps your laundry smelling fresh and clean, wash after wash
• Incredibly cost effective – use just one Power Pack pouch a month
• Dissolves completely and safe for septic tanks   
• Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable


Each WasherFresh™ PowerPack pouch contains a potent oxygenated bubbling action formula, which penetrates and dissolves odor-causing residue. The result is a powerfully effective “hands-free” cleaning solution that really works!


Why spend hours cleaning your washing machine the old fashioned way – and still miss some of the mold and mildew? Why waste money on bleaches and other ineffective cleaning agents? Why risk exposing your skin to harmful chemicals?

Use just one conveniently pre-measured, safe-to-touch WasherFresh™ PowerPack pouch a month and enjoy years of clean, odor-free washing machine operation.*

* We recommend that first-time users with severe odor problems initially use 3 Power Packs to combat the washing machine residue build-up, and then follow with a typical 1 Power Pack per month program.