DishwasherFresh removes smelly build-up in your Dishwasher. Package of 3

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• Powerfully combats food stains, soap scum, and smelly build-up
• Convenient pre-measured tablets are simple and easy to use
• Leaves behind a light and clean lemon-fresh scent    
• Use once a month or more/less frequently as required, based on usage*
• Safe to touch and uses no harmful chemicals
•  Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable

* use more or less frequently as desired and based on usage.


Over time, hard water residue builds-up in your dishwasher. This negatively affects cleaning performance, causes unpleasant odors, and can reduce the overall lifespan of your appliance – which sends you to the store to buy a new one, or pay for costly repairs. DishwasherFreshs™ powerfully attacks the hard water residue build-up in your dishwasher and dissolves even the toughest, stinkiest soap scum. Use DishwasherFreshs™ monthly* and enjoy a dishwasher that cleans and performs the way you want it to for years and years.


Your sparkling dishes will shine even brighter thanks to DishwasherFresh’s™ great lemon-fresh scent. It’s a wonderful smell of clean that you and your family will notice and enjoy for weeks – and so will your guests!


Stop wasting money on ineffective and chemical-filled cleaners, and stop sweating as you try and get rid of all the baked-in food stains, soap scum and other residue hiding inside your washing machine. Instead, start getting a total, fresh-smelling clean with DishwasherFresh™ — just one tablet a month is all it takes for a deep clean that you can see and smell!