DisposalFresh Jumbo size, cleans and freshens your garbage disposal. Package of 10

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  • Powerfully dissolves fatty deposits, food residue and other odor-causing build-up
  • New, pre-measured jumbo size disposal balls make easy work of tough grime
  • Incredibly easy to use – just drop it in, and let it do all the work
  • Leaves behind a clean and crisp orange-fresh scent  
  • Use once a week to keep your garbage disposal at maximum performance 
  • Safe to touch, no unwrapping needed, and uses no harmful chemicals  
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable

DisposalFresh™ is engineered for powerful and rapid cleaning action. When you drop a DisposalFresh™ pre-measured jumbo sized ball into your disposal, the outer casing shears open and disperses active ingredients that go to work breaking down built-up fatty deposits and food particles.


Your garbage disposal won’t smell like one after you experience the cleaning power of DisposalFresh™ -- because it leaves behind a light and refreshing orange-fresh scent that your family will love.  


Clogged garbage disposals cause a pain in the neck – and cause a dent in your bank account for repair bills. Plus they allow rotting food and stinky bacteria to swarm your kitchen and attach to food, furniture, and even your family’s clothes! The easy, ideal solution? Simply drop in a jumbo-sized DisposalFresh™ once a week to help keep your disposal at maximum performance, and your home smelling clean and orange-fresh.